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I’m too busy to do that, you don’t understand!

07 October 2015 | 9 minute read
deborah Mitchell2

How often have you heard your property managers say this?

It amazes me, after years in the profession, that I'm still hearing this and that nobody questions this behaviour. Yes, property managers are busy. What is not understood is why. How are you, as the principal, determining who needs help this week or the next, who has poor productivity management skills, and whether training can help fix the issues or if there is a fundamental and unfixable issue with your staff member?

There are many activities that a property manager undertakes daily, whether they are internal or external of the office, and if not managed correctly may cause impact, not only on the property manager's workload, but on you and your business. 

Ensure your front office is managed by the receptionist, allowing the property managers and salespeople to work effectively away from disruptions. This allows your team to have greater focus and ensures that they can engage with those who have followed office protocol. There will be exceptions; however, they do not happen every day.

All too often I see and hear how property managers are at work from 7.30am and not leaving until well after 6pm. Why? As principal, how do you determine why your property managers are habitually working such long hours? Are they utilising any time-management practices? Can you help them? Offer training or assistance, hire extra staff or, in some cases, your staff member may not suited be to the role provided.

Have you identified your unproductive staff? Working and consulting within troubled offices has given me a unique perspective that principals are often caught up in the emotions, drama and misinformation.

With staff morale low, high turnover rates often come the fore, which can be the result of ineffective staff or ineffective staff management. Who are they complaining about? What events have they raised concerns about? Has a major event happened at home that is affecting their work performance? Ultimately this then affects your bottom line.

What indicators should you be looking for? What solutions do you have at your disposal? Do you have support or a mentor? What is your end goal? Take time to think this through and evaluate your agency. Ask your trusted clients for feedback, then take action. You may be pleasantly surprised that you already have a highly effective team.

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