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Training, conferences and women in real estate

By Kylie Meier
09 December 2015 | 9 minute read
Kylie Meier 1

We can never get enough training. This month I attended a two-day sales training course and a 'Women in Real Estate' day out. It is said that people want information and that is exactly what you get at conferences and training days.

As a BDM, I believe it is beneficial for us to attend as many as we can. The more we take in, the more knowledge we grasp, which we can pass on to our landlords or potential landlords. Our industry changes so rapidly and it is our job as agents to know what is happening within the market and new changes that are coming.

The REINSW hosted the Women in Real Estate day out that I attended, and it was fantastic. Our MC for the day was Mia Freedman and our guest speaker was Kerri-Anne Kennerley. The Women in Real Estate day provides a network for women to make the most of their career in real estate.

I was 19 years old when I first entered the real estate industry. I was the only female agent in the office and the next office I worked in there were only two women. I am now in an office where there are more women than men. This just shows how many women have chosen this career and the success of women in the industry.

I've heard women share stories of their success in real estate, I've gained valuable tips on being the best you can be and setting goals for me to achieve. This day really motivated me, it refreshed my mind and made me think about what I can do to be the best I can be and what goals I want in my career. To top that day off, we had gourmet morning tea, and at lunch I enjoyed afternoon canapés and a few glasses of bubbly in the sun. Who wouldn't want more days out like this?


Kylie Meier

Kylie Meier

Kylie Meier is a licensed real estate agent who has developed a strong reputation within and around Sydney’s eastern suburbs as a senior property manager for over 13 years. Kylie is now packaging all of those hard-earned skills, knowledge and experience into a new role as business development manager at MyPlace Estate Agents Zetland.

Kylie started her career in real estate at a young age and has consistently received many accolades. Winning top awards such as Property Manager of the Year nationally for Outstanding Property Management two years running and also winning the Property Management Chairman's Club Award - a prestigious award achieved in her previous role.

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