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Staff development is a two-way street, says trainer

By Jay Garcia
03 May 2016 | 9 minute read

An industry trainer believes the responsibility of staff training falls on the shoulders of property managers and principals alike.

A recent survey of property management heads by Rent.com.au found that almost 80 per cent of respondents allocate 0-10 per cent of their annual budgets for staff training.

Tara Bradbury from BDM Academy said an agency’s budget towards training will vary depending on the frequency and style of training they are looking for.

“I feel it is important to ensure the individuals not only commit to the agency’s vision, but also make a commitment to personal growth as well,” she said.

“This means they should contribute to the training in a form of hitting set targets or making a financial contribution from weekly income.”

Ms Bradbury said she was fortunate to previously work for a principal who focused on rent roll growth and complete team inclusion.

“This then meant all team members played a role in the growth path and were encouraged to get involved with all levels of training,” she said.

“We would attend major conference events as a team and also have in-house trainers come in to support key topics.”

According to Ms Bradbury, introducing training and staff development into an agency is easy, but the onus lies with the principal or department leader.

“Team meetings are a great time to discuss training; in fact, it should be encouraged that if you see someone you would like to have at your next in-office event, this should be brought to the attention of the leaders,” she said.

“Happy employees equal happy customers, so engage with your team and encourage a positive working environment.”

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