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4 things successful PMs do every morning

By Larissa Gardner
06 July 2016 | 11 minute read
Larissa Gardner

Like brushing your teeth and drinking your morning cup of coffee, there are certain morning routines that the most successful property managers have in common.

A successful real estate business can’t be built in a day. So it’s important to remember that every seemingly small admin task, blog post idea and follow-up call puts you one step closer to further business growth and success.

The key to having a successful real estate career is to give particular focus and regular attention to the four following areas that are the lifeblood of your business.

1. Set and review goals

A great way to start the day is to sit down and spend some quality time planning out your daily strategy. Note down what you want to achieve for the day and set very specific, achievable goals for yourself. You could use an old fashioned pen and paper to-do list, or a time-management app (like Wunderlist, Toggl or MyLifeOrganized) to prioritise tasks. Decide how much time you’ll spend on each task, based on the time you have available and the urgency of each task. Don’t forget to schedule in some buffer time for interruptions and coffee breaks.

It can also be a good idea to make time each week, perhaps on a Friday or Monday morning, to review your longer-term goals and to track the progress you’re making. This way you’ll either feel satisfied that you’re making progress or you’ll know you have to dedicate more time to a particular project the following week. 

2. Tackle admin work

The huge amount of mundane day-to-day tasks needed to keep a real estate business running smoothly can seem overwhelming at times. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and get the boring things out of the way. Using each morning to chip away at some admin tasks can not only keep the huge pile of paperwork on your desk at bay, but can also help to remind you of other tasks, which may have been put on the back-burner, that need your attention.


One of the first things you should do is to return every email, phone, text or website inquiry that came in overnight. Next, attack the paperwork, such as contracts, agreements and rental records, then file them away in the appropriate files. Lastly, jot down your meetings, upcoming open houses, inspections or phone calls you have for the day and prepare whatever you need for each one to go off without a hitch.

3. Focus on lead generation

You should always make some time, no matter how brief, to focus on lead generation in the morning. Take a second to organise your database. Even if you only update 10 records that day, you’re still making progress. You could try reaching out to current landlords, maintenance providers or tenants to see if they need your assistance. Alternatively, take 10 to 15 minutes to reconnect with an old client. See what their current situation is or if they know anybody in need of your services, to up your referral business.

4. Spend a moment on marketing

The most successful agents make time every day to work on promoting themselves and their business. In the morning, take a moment to review your marketing strategy and update your tactics as required. For instance, you could update your online agent profile by refreshing your leased properties, writing a review for your suburb, contributing to a Q&A topic or connecting with your followers. Other marketing tasks could include: 

  • Planning your social media updates and ad spend for the month
  • Finalising the design for your marketing collateral and business cards
  • Brainstorming ideas for your blog
  • Updating the information on your website by adding in neighbourhood events or info for upcoming open houses, refreshing your listing photos and updating the sold properties

Getting into the habit of planning your day and tackling a few of the above tasks every morning will help to boost your efficiency and productivity. Developing a business-focused morning routine helps to bring in a steady stream of leads and has a great effect on your businesses growth.

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