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New service launched to combat PM burnout

By Tim Neary
11 April 2017 | 8 minute read
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The overwhelming volume of tasks property managers are expected to deal with daily is leading to early burnout and high staff turnover. But help is on the way.

Strata support company ResiDesk is releasing range of back-office support services designed to relieve property managers of many repetitive and low-value tasks.

For example, its new after-hours tenant support service is designed to address two touch points in the tenant/PM relationship – tenant maintenance issues and after-hours calls.

ResiDesks’ new service is designed to resolve both and will be able to handle emergencies like burst water pipes, and gas or electrical hazards.

It will allow property managers to divert their phones after hours to a dedicated ResiDesk support team, who will answer on behalf of the agency and send tradespeople to the property.

ResiDesk director of business development Andrew Lloyd said trade-qualified managers review all inbound emergency calls.

“This ensures that only genuine emergencies are escalated along with accurate and detailed information provided to [the] trades[person] prior them attending an after-hours call,” Mr Lloyd said.

“This model of support contributes to a smooth and timely resolution to tenant requests. All emergency issues are followed through to completion by ResiDesk staff to ensure the tradesperson has attended and the issue is resolved to the tenant’s satisfaction.”

Mr Lloyd said a report is also provided to the property manager.

“This covers the nature of the issue and action taken to resolve it, along with information for any follow-up action.”

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