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PM boot camp launched to fix relationship breakdowns

By Staff Reporter
12 April 2017 | 9 minute read
couple talking

An analysis of Australian tribunal data for 2016-2017 shows that eight out of 10 tenancy-related complaints in New South Wales and Victoria came from landlords, not from tenants as might be expected. 

Property management training consultancy Real Estate Dynamics says complaints arise when relationships break down and people feel they are not being looked after.

“This boils down to communication,” the firm says. 

“There is no point in expending substantial amounts of money to build or acquire a rent roll if you are losing the same, or more, managements as quickly as you bring them on.”

Real Estate Dynamics has put together a dedicated PM Bootcamp program to explore the areas where communication typically breaks down, and to provide practical information to help property managers respond appropriately to a range of situations. 

Course facilitator Jenny Sewell said the program will take a “unique and innovative” approach, balancing information with experiential learning. 

“This is a two-day program of highly valuable take-home lessons that are guaranteed to give property managers the confidence and ability to deal with a range of operational issues and complex situations from both tenants and landlords,” she said.

Ms Sewell, a veteran of the industry, is a fully licensed real estate agent. She taps into her experience of managing a rent roll of more than 800 to guide boot camp attendees through various communication strategies.

"My aim is to help property managers be stress-free,” she said.

“So many of the people who have attended this program tell us that they feel more enthusiastic about their ability to enjoy better landlord and tenant relationships when they leave the course.”

Since its inception in 2013, some 1,000 people have taken part in the boot camp programs which are conducted in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

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