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5 ways to maintain relationships with landlords

By Tim Neary
19 April 2017 | 9 minute read
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About a third of Australians rent and that number could rise, especially with young Aussies struggling to get on the property ladder. As renting becomes increasingly a way of life for many, maintaining relationships with landlords is more important than ever.

Boutique Property Agents property manager Bradley Jacobs says innovating the way you provide your services to clients will help to retain your existing clients and expand your rent roll via word of mouth recommendation.

“Like every industry, bespoke, proactive and innovative services are what consumers are seeking. Whether it’s buying a new phone, purchasing a bottle of wine or putting their most valuable assets into your hands, clients want and expect more,” Mr Jacobs said.   

Here are his top five tips for maintaining relationships with landlords.

1. Pro-active and regular contact

Check in on your clients regularly, instead of getting in touch only when a problem arises.

“Have regular contact with them on a positive note. For example, let them know about recent activity in their building, whether it be sales or rentals,” Mr Jacobs said.

2. No landlord is the same

“Know your owner, work out what ticks their boxes and most importantly, do not treat every owner the same,” he added.

“Identify what form of communication they prefer. Whether it be traditional face-to-face, email, phone, and text message to WhatsApp or even social media, and use it to your advantage.”

3. Gain their trust

Always show the owner you have their best interests at heart.

“Never try to sound like you’re taking sides,” Mr Jacobs said.

“Instead, give them the best possible advice to protect them. Plus, it’s important to ensure that whether the landlord owns a studio or a penthouse apartment, the level of service should always remain the same.”

4. Preempt potential issues

Property managers should be on the lookout for maintenance issues, identifying them before they arise.

“An example of this could be, being aware of the age of the hot water system. If it’s 10-plus years old, it may be time to have this replaced before it bursts and causes further damage to the property.”

“Even if the landlord does not agree to replace the hot water system, it at least shows that you are a proactive operator.”

5. Communication is key

Owners become frustrated when they cannot reach their property manager or he/she does not get back to them.

“If you receive a missed call or email from the owner, and it isn’t a high priority, always acknowledge their call and let them know a time frame when you will get back to them,” Mr Jacobs said.

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