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Renters forced to surrender pets just to secure a home

By Tim Neary
03 July 2017 | 9 minute read
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As the shortage in pet-friendly housing continues, pet owners are being forced to surrender their animals, with possible euthanasia consequences, according to the Australian Veterinary Association. 

The AVA reports that 30 per cent of dogs and cats are surrendered by owners who are unable to find accommodation suitable for their pets.

A survey conducted by Dogs Victoria, a body that represents owners and breeders of purebred dogs, revealed that more than 40 per cent of those surveyed found it difficult to secure a rental home; more than 80 per cent said the difficulty was due to their owning a dog.

The survey revealed that virtually all dog owners who rent had special provisions included in their rental agreement. These provisions ranged from pet bonds to extra cleaning fees to higher rents.

Most respondents surveyed said they were prepared to pay more rent and/or have special provisions in their rental agreement if this meant they could secure a pet-friendly property.

Research conducted by the Australian Companion Animals Council found that pet owners would likely pay up to 14 per cent more rent, netting landlords more than three thousand extra dollars extra per year.

Dogs Victoria CEO Tim Adams said situation faced by dog owners in Australia need to improve.

“We believe that renting with a dog should be widely accepted as normal,” Mr Adams said.


“We are calling on landlords to change their perception on renting to a tenant with well-behaved dogs, and the government to consider legislation to facilitate this.

“Our survey has proven that dog owners often make excellent tenants with many stating they cared and tended more for the property as they recalled the difficulty in first securing it.”

According to the Dogs Victoria survey, in their attempt to secure a rental property, some pet owners include a resume for their pets and/or introduced their pets to the prospective landlord. Many include in their dog resume achievements from advanced training and previous rental history references.

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