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Top 5 interior decorating trends for 2018

By Sasha Karen
12 December 2017 | 10 minute read
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When it comes time to renting out property, it’s vital that your property is as appealing as possible to attract the right tenant. The best way to do so is to ensure that your property is in line with the latest trends. Here’s what’s expected to be popular in 2018.

Justine Wilson, director and principal stylist at Vault Interiors, says that next year’s trends have mostly evolved from this year’s, along with some newcomers to the table.

“Japandi is a great example of this, taking inspiration from the much-loved scandi. I think the new raw earth look will become a dominating trend with its similarities to Nordic and raw rustic features,” Ms Wilson said.

The top five trends, according to Ms Wilson, are:

1. Deep accented colours

Ms Wilson said that emerald, plum and navy will be very popular colour schemes for interiors. In addition, faux fur and velvet will remain popular for bedrooms and living rooms.

2. Glam and elegance

Next year will also be the year for glam and elegance, Ms Wilson said.

“Glam and regency style appear in hotel designs (think the Hydro Majestic and the Langham), while furniture retailers are embracing metallic materials and elegant-looking items,” the director said.

“Things such as replica faux bamboo trim and bold acrylic furniture items feature with this trend. Find these looks in shops like the Vignette Room, Coco Republic and Pottery Barn.”


3. Japandi

A variation on the very popular scandi style that has been popular the last few years, the Japandi style gives preference to dark wood tones, greys, blacks and mint green and deep blue wedge accents over soft pinks and blues.

4. Raw earth

A newcomer to the style stage, raw earth offers aesthetics similar to Nordic looks, with rustic furniture and pieces that appear to have been found and crafted by hand.

“A lot of found objects like feathers, shells, coral, handmade wooden objects and twigs instead of floral displays will start to grace design magazine pages,” Ms Wilson said.

“Raw earth includes pieces [like] timber stools that look like tree trunks, sisal rugs, very neutral accents and manuals like calico, hemp and wool being used with a mix of linen in greys, beiges and white.”

5. Round edges and nostalgic colours

Next year is expected to see furniture become chunkier, rounder and in primary colours, Ms Wilson added.

“Very angular sharp-looking furniture has been really popular for a long time with simple lines; however, there are more designs popping up with chunkier frames and very round or organic-looking overall,” the director said.

“Interestingly, the colour of the furniture may be painted in primary colours and be almost reminiscent of childhood. Think wooden toys and coloured playing boxes for a guide on colour and feel.”

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