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Future of green dwellings revealed

By Sasha Karen
13 December 2017 | 11 minute read
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A government-based housing and private investment provider has highlighted its modern construction strategies on its new project, which is predicted to use 50 per cent less energy than an average town house.

Located in South Australia, the eight terraces and four apartments were created as a part of the Prince’s Terrace Adelaide project, a collaboration between Defence Housing Australia (DHA), Princes Trust Australia and Renewal SA.

In addition to the prediction of using 50 per cent less energy, the dwellings are also predicted to use 50 per cent less potable water compared to a regular town house and 55 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to an average home, according to DHA chairman Sandy Macdonald.


“Furthermore, an impressive 95 per cent of all waste generated throughout the construction on site has been recycled,” Mr Macdonald said.

“We have proved it is possible for small, residential projects to make big choices when it comes to moving towards more sustainable practices and supporting local communities.”

The extreme eco-friendliness of the project is due to not only the use of sustainable products but also cutting back on emissions throughout the supply chain, which goes as far as emissions emitted during manufacturing and transportation of materials.

“Efficient floor plans were designed to take advantage of natural elements, combined with an emphasis on local, low-carbon materials. Every part of construction was considered from a sustainable perspective,” Mr Macdonald said.

“Every fixture, fitting, product and supplier used in the building complies with Green Star criteria to reduce hidden emissions.

“Hundreds of certified and accredited materials were sourced, including sustainably sourced timber, locally sourced steel, water-efficient fixtures as well as environmentally friendly plasterboard, carpets, door hardware, PVC products and low-toxicity paints and sealants.”

The green construction methods will not be a closely kept secret either, as Mr Macdonald intends to share their methods with other local business.

“All three organisations involved in this project — DHA, The Prince’s Trust Australia and Renewal SA — hope to share our findings and experience with local industry, and by doing so, help others make more sustainable choices,” the DHA chairman said.

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