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New training academy established for property managers

By Eliot Hastie
20 April 2018 | 9 minute read
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A new academy is setting out to offer comprehensive training courses for property managers to provide them with the skill set and knowledge they need for their jobs.

The Property Management Academy Australia is the brainchild of Jody Marsden and Michelle Delany who created the academy due to their frustration with the industry.

Ms Marsden said that there was a hole in the industry that was letting principals, landlords and tenants down.

“Throughout my 20-plus years in property management, I have struggled to find quality property managers for my businesses. Therefore, I have had to recruit new people to the industry and train them myself, and I know a lot of other principals have the same problem,” Ms Marsden said.

Ms Marsden added that part of the problem was the ease at which people could become property managers.

“Anyone can complete a five-day real estate licence and apply for a property management role, but they aren’t fully equipped to complete all the daily tasks required of them because up until now, a course didn’t exist that taught them the necessary skill set and knowledge,” the managing director said.

The training academy will get students job-ready, merging classroom training with practical skills.

“I have launched TPMAA which blends classroom training with practical training work experience and literally covers every skill a property manager needs on a weekly basis.


“We have really thought about each aspect of a property management career and what our students need to learn to be truly ‘job-ready’.”

Ms Marsden said that the ultimate goal was to change the industry and its reputation through the training.

“Michelle’s and my ultimate goal is to ignite a fundamental change in the property management industry. As a whole, the reputation of our industry is extremely poor, which we believe can be rectified by better training,” the managing director said.

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