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Dogs still number one pet among renters in Australia

By Eliot Hastie
26 April 2018 | 9 minute read
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Rental property site rent.com.au has found that dogs are still the preferred animal for renters around the country.

Rent.com.au’s Pet Resume tool has been used by over 75,000 people and the data shows that 68 per cent of those were for dogs.

Pet Resume allows renters to present prospective landlords with a summary of their pet’s qualities, a photo and information like vaccinations and training.

The purpose of Pet Resume is to allow pet owners to demonstrate that they are responsible pet owners when they approach prospective landlords or agents.

Byrony O’Neill, a rental agent in Queensland, said that Pet Resume had allowed agents to deal with pet owners more efficiently.

“Pet Resume is an excellent tool which allows property managers to process a rental application with a pet more efficiently and with much more detail for our landlords,” the agent said.

Ms O’Neill said that landlords often want to know more about how the pet behaves and that a resume goes a long way for a decision.

“We find that landlords are more willing to consider pets when they understand the personality of the pet and owner,” the agent said.


Today, around 30 per cent of renter resumes have a pet resume attached, which is less than half the Australian average for pet ownership.

Rent.com.au found that almost 50 per cent of renters found it difficult to find pet-friendly rental properties, and that is why Pet Resume was created.

Rent.com.au chief executive officer Greg Bader said that using Pet Resume allows all parties involved in the application process to make a more favourable decision.

“Our focus at Rent.com.au is on bridging the gap between the overwhelming demand for pet-friendly rentals on the one hand, and the limited supply of these properties on the other,” the CEO said.

The data found that dogs reign superior over all animals, with the next closes being cats with 25 per cent.

There were also some niche entries accounting for 0.04 per cent of the total, with pets including crabs, bats and scorpions.

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