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AI coming to property management

By Eliot Hastie
23 May 2018 | 9 minute read
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A new platform is rolling out to tenants and owners giving round-the-clock access and transparency to maintenance requests.

Realmark has launched realmarkFIX, an artificial intelligence platform designed to manage maintenance requests.

The platform is designed to probe the tenant for information to assess problems and then offers how-to guides to aid instant results before escalating if needed.

The platform operates a simple three-step login process when a tenant first lodges a maintenance request.

The system’s first prompt is to allow the tenant to solve the issue themselves before engaging a contractor.

A triage system will assess the urgency of the problem if it cannot be solved by the tenant, with the whole process being transparent, allowing the tenant to receive communications about when to expect a solution.

Realmark executive director and property management specialist Anita Percudani said that the system provides a solution to the negative view of maintenance for tenants.

“With the industry having such a negative affiliation in the maintenance space, we felt it was time to find a solution that gives tenants and owners transparency and control 24/7,” the executive director said.


The portal gives tenants more transparency around the process while also potentially saving money for owners, Ms Percudani said.

“The portal gives the tenant the opportunity to fix the problem themselves instantly or escalate it via triage. It also shows the owner any time day or night the maintenance history of the property and possible savings due to self-help guides,” Ms Percudani said.

Ms Percudani added that RealmarkFIX is expected to help remove inefficiencies in the industry and simplify communication.

“RealmarkFix provides absolute accountability. It gives peace of mind that the property is being well looked after and the maintenance work has been attended to,” the executive director said.

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