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Experienced BDM, strong team key in growing rent roll, says expert

By Tim Neary
08 June 2018 | 9 minute read
JoannaLeonardis Reb

PMs should have a solid support system in place to facilitate rent roll growth as well as have an established team and an experienced business development manager, one network department manager has said. 

Department manager for property management at hockingstuart Richmond Jo Leonardis said that while clients do their own market research, they also want to know their real estate office can give them expert advice.

“It all comes down to trust,” Ms Leonardis said.

“If you’ve got a proven track record, and are confident and knowledgeable, then you’ve set the foundation for your clients about what’s to come.”
She said that it all boils down to confidence and delivering on what you’ve promised.

“There could be nothing worse than a property manager promising the world and not delivering. If you set yourself up well and impress your landlords, why wouldn’t they engage your services for properties they buy in the future?
“Further to this, if you’re doing a good job, ask the question about getting more business, or ask if they know of anyone who might be looking for a property manager. You’ve got nothing to lose from offering to help them with their portfolio.”
Ms Leonardis said that tech tools can be a big help.

“Technology can absolutely help property managers to work faster and smarter, and the more you grow your rent roll, the more technology comes into play. New applications, such as PropertyME and iAgree are a great example of this,” the department manager said.

“Everyone, especially landlords, is looking for fast and convenient dealings with their property managers, and the more enjoyable their experience, the better.”
She said that it is important that beginner property managers do their research and have a good understanding of the market.

“It is imperative to have a genuine interest in the job itself and care about the outcomes you’re providing for landlords and tenants. It definitely shows through when someone is passionate about their job.”
Mr Leonardis also said that it’s important to present well.

“Whether it’s the first or 15th time you are seeing someone, your overall mannerisms set the scene and you need to be consistent.

“This comes in many forms; it could be the confidence or empathy you show your clients. However you present yourself in that first meeting with a potential landlord, make sure you carry this right through to the end.”

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