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Rental application firm launches nifty selection tool

By Tim Neary
20 December 2018 | 8 minute read
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With more Australians renting now than ever before, a rental application firm has launched a neat new tool to make property managers’ lives easier, making tenant selection simpler and faster.

1form has launched Tenant Verification, a new tool designed to save PMs time and be confident selecting the right tenant.

The new feature will allow potential tenants to submit a more complete application by checking their identity documents, including Australian drivers licences and passports, through Australian government Document Verification Service (DVS) and National Tenancy Database checks, together with court record checks and bankruptcy checks conducted by Equifax.

Applicants will pay a small fee of $29 to generate a PDF report that, within minutes, details the results of their verification. Tenants can use the report with any future 1form applications for a period of six months.

Applications with a Tenant Verification report attached can be found under the IDs and Docs tab within 1form for property managers.

REA Group general manager – rent Kul Singh said that this is an important initiative for the industry.

“We want 1form to be the tool that helps property managers save time while simplifying their workflow,” he said.

“The application process takes up a considerable amount of time for property managers. Tenant Verification will make selecting the right tenant simpler and faster just in time for the peak rental season.”

Mr Singh said that the benefits extend past just property managers.

“Tenant Verification with 1form will also help millions of Australian renters put their best foot forward and find a place sooner in an increasingly competitive market,” the group manager for rent said.

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