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Build-to-rent firm appoints COO, gears up for rental demand growth

By Tim Neary
19 March 2019 | 8 minute read
MatthewBode reb

Sydney investment firm Kanebridge has appointed a COO to drive its new build-to-rent premium leasing division, as the city prepares to cater for the well-publicised ramp-up in housing demand.

Kanebridge has appointed Matthew Bode to the position of COO. He is a lawyer with 25 years of experience in property finance law, institutional banking and corporate finance.
Mr Bode has worked in major global law firms in London, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands and Sydney. Most recently, he was head of banking and finance at national law firm Colin Biggers & Paisley. He also previously spent five years as a banking and finance partner at leading independent Australian law firm Gadens.

In his role as COO, Mr Bode will build Kanebridge Lifestyle Services into a premium build-to-rent operator, with a mandate of providing greater benefits and inclusions for residents than anywhere else in the world.

Mr Bode said that Kanebridge Lifestyle Services will revolutionise how Australians regard renting.

“Unlike in overseas markets, Australians look at renting as an inferior alternative to owning a property. However, the recent shift in the Australian property landscape and tightening liquidity in the home loan space has colluded to produce the key to unlocking a unique long-term leasing model here.
“We believe premium leasing, with five-star hotel-style services, is the only build-to-rent model that will work in Australia. Having lived around the world and seen the success of build-to-rent in the UK, I’m looking forward to building this service for the Sydney market.”

Mr Bode said that by 2022, leasing housing services will cater to thousands of long-term tenants across Sydney.

Build-to-rent models are well established in the US and Europe. Traditionally, they involve one landlord owning the entire block of apartments and providing long-term tenancy options to residents.

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