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The seven secret ingredients of successful real estate businesses

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03 November 2023 | 6 minute read
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Over the six years since the idea of the Agents’Agency first took flight, I’ve worked with over 100 individual agents as they took their first fledgling steps into business ownership.

I’ve seen many go from those nervous days of start-up through to leading teams and building highly profitable businesses where their individual brand has carved out a leading reputation in its marketplace.

Along the way, it’s become evident there are key attributes uniting the business owners who seem almost pre-destined for success.


It takes vision to start and lead a real estate business, including a clear idea of what exactly you will offer and how you will provide a point of difference in your marketplace.

Is it superior service? Local knowledge like no other? A trusted team of experts with their community front of mind?

Is it a complete suite of real estate services encompassing sales and property management?

These are among the points of difference many of our most successful agencies have, but they also have a defined vision of who suits their team and the culture and ethos those team members will espouse.


You didn’t come this far to only comes this far, and it took self-belief to set foot in this industry in the first place. The most successful real estate business operators have a sense of confidence in who they are, what they can offer and how they will achieve this goal.

Not to be confused with arrogance, this self-belief sees them consistently questioning whether there’s more they can do, how they can improve and whether there’s a better way to assist their clientele and community.

It’s a belief they can offer a truly superior real estate service and a genuine confidence they can achieve what they set their mind to.


Underpinning this self-belief is drive. Call it ambition or simply wanting more, it’s the ability to self-motivate and also motivate others towards a common goal.

This drive sees successful business leaders set goals, then take the actions to achieve them, chipping away at their business mission and personal KPI’s each and every day.

It’s also a drive for constant improvement, ongoing innovation, and a commitment to achieving one’s personal best, year in, year out.


Drive is one thing, but the discipline required to achieve those goals is another. And the best real estate agents and their businesses have this discipline in spades.

They have the clarity to know what they want to achieve, and the strategies needed to attain it.

They have the systems, procedures and daily habits in place that allow them to break down their desired success into actionable steps that they take each day and each week without fail.

Ongoing learning

The most successful real estate businesses in our group understand that this is an industry which is evolving and that even basic skills need to be sharpened and honed.

They have a commitment to ongoing learning, where they invest in the upskilling and education of their team, while practising the personal development that they preach.

Whether it’s reworking their listing presentations, educating themselves on the latest property management legislation or honing their prospecting technique, the best business operators see this continual ‘sharpening of the saw’ as essential for current and future success.


It’s one thing to have a business vision and the drive to achieve it, but yet another to bring a team with you on the journey to success.

Truly successful real estate businesses tend to have great leaders at the helm, who know how to unite people in their quest to achieve a shared goal.

For some this leadership has come naturally, for others it’s a learned skill, but with a great leader, a business has clarity, common goals and the tools and support they need to achieve them.

Giving back

As much as this is an industry known for its competitive nature, the reality is the most successful businesses that I’ve had the privilege to work with also have a commitment to giving back.

They know their position in the marketplace is a privilege and recognise that by giving back to their community, to their team and to others around them.

In fact, the standout operators in our group are renowned for their willingness to share, mentor and support, and this often extends to real estate operators beyond the walls of their own enterprise.

A network

The best business operators in this industry do not work in isolation. They have a network of peers around them who they learn from, liaise with, and also offer their own insight to.

This network might be local, including chambers of commerce and community groups, but often it also extends to others in the real estate industry, creating a sense of collaboration and a commitment to best practice.

This network is invaluable when it comes to achieving business success, offering support, mentoring and the strategies a business operator needs to achieve their operational goals.

Sound familiar?

If these seven secret ingredients resonate and lie within you but your business ambition has not yet been realised, it begs the question what’s holding you back? Where might these traits take you and what sort of business could you build?

If you’d like to know more about how the Agents’Agency helps build successful real estate businesses, and how we can support you as you master these seven ingredients, you can find out more at https://www.agentsagency.com.au/ or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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