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Are you asking the right questions?

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30 November 2023 | 6 minute read
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As agents, we know the importance of asking our clients the right questions.

With the right questions we gain that all-important understanding of what’s motivating people to buy or sell a property and find an insight into exactly what they hope to achieve.

But when was the last time you posed similar questions of yourself? When did you last sit down and re-evaluate what it is you want of this career, why that’s the case, and how you can go about achieving your goals?

At the Agents’Agency, questions are a fundamental part of our award-winning training regime, in the knowledge when you understand things like ‘why’ you are in real estate, you are better positioned to determine ‘what’ you want to achieve and ‘how’ you can build a successful career.

So, what are the right questions exactly and how will they help you determine where to from here?


Every single one of us was drawn to real estate for a reason.

Perhaps it was your natural people skills, your competitive nature, a desire to create financial stability for your family, because you love the thrill of the chase, or because you have a genuine desire to make a real difference at an important time in someone’s life.

This is the ‘why’ that underpins your career. It’s the reason you get out of bed each day. Ultimately this ‘why’ is the catalyst that motivates you to put in the hard yards, make those calls, build that network, hone that listing presentation, and help people buy or sell their home.

The importance of knowing this ‘why’ cannot be understated. It’s also something that might change over the course of your career. Perhaps you simply fell into real estate due to a burning desire for financial stability, but now you have an overwhelming urge to give back.

And we’re not talking about the surface-level why here either. It’s not about the fact you want the latest Merc or have your eye on that pricey watch.

Those are ‘things’ you crave when the bigger ‘why’ is actually all about the person you want to be in your real estate career and greater life.


Once you know the why, you can begin to drill down into the what.

What is it exactly that you hope to achieve in your career? Do you want to be a top-selling agent, have a work/life balance, improve on your results from last year, or perhaps start your own business?

When you are crystal clear on your what, you can begin setting the goals that are required to achieve that aim, and that’s all about asking the all-important question of ‘how?’


Armed with insight into the why that motivates you and what you want to achieve, the next question becomes ‘how?’

And the answer to this is often far simpler than many would have you believe. When you know what it is exactly that you want and why that’s the case, you can reverse engineer the outcome you want.

This is done by starting at the end point and working out exactly what you need to do each quarter, month, week and even day to achieve that specific result.


‘Who?’ is a multi-pronged question. It starts with who do you want to be, but also encompasses who do you want with you on this journey? Is it a team, a franchise, a mentor, a network?

And what qualities do you hope to find in these people?

Meanwhile, who is it you hope to serve as part of your real estate career? Because the answer to this defines your marketplace, and how you go about reaching out to them, marketing to them and networking with them.

Why not?

Finally, this is one of my favourite questions: why not?

If you have big dreams of success, plan to be a top-selling agent, start your own business or become the stand-out real estate professional in your marketplace, why not?

What’s holding you back? Is it fear? Is it lack of self-belief? Is it concern about what that journey may entail?

Asking yourself why something that you want may not happen helps you gain clarity, eliminate obstacles, but more importantly challenges you to take the leap.

Looking for answers?

At the Agents’Agency these are just some of the questions that underpin our cutting-edge training and also our business philosophy.

We constantly challenge ourselves with the questions of why, how, what, who, and why not, and encourage each of our members to do the same.

This questioning allows us to think outside the box, consistently innovate, and grow as both individuals and a group.

If you’d like to be part of a network where you’re encouraged to ask the right questions and supported as you build your ideal career, you can find out more at https://www.agentsagency.com.au/ or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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