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Have you ever heard of someone building a house on rented land?

By jhai-mitchell
20 May 2014 | 6 minute read
jhai mitchell

Well that is what we are doing when we spend our time and money doing our best to get Facebook fans so that they can see our 'listing of the month'.

Does anyone remember MySpace? Remember, all social media websites need to make changes to make money and keep the audience.

Facebook had already reduced the reach of your posts down to what someone argues as little as one per cent of your total potential audience. It just so happens that they introduced a 'boost post' button - how convenient!

Why are people leaving Facebook?

Have you ever spoken to one of your friends that's on Facebook and asked them if they've seen your post. I’ve had friends say I haven't seen your posts for almost a month now. Also have you noticed that a lot of advertising comes up in your Facebook feed?

Because of this and many other reasons, a lot of people are jumping ship to Instagram and Whatsapp. Now just imagine if you built a large following on MySpace. Well there are many that did, and the smart marketers kept their following because they have converted their followers into contact lists. I am going to show you how to do this later.

Facebook isn't silly and they still hustle you

Now that people have jumped ship to Instagram, Facebook has now bought it for $1 billion, but that looks like a bargain compared to the $16 billion they paid for Whatsapp. So what's this got to do with real estate marketing?

It's all about personal data, targeting and advertising.

Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of advertising on the planet. I suspect Facebook will add to its targeted advertising to Instagram and Whatsapp and create a super-targeted advertising platform.

This is a great opportunity for us real estate marketers because this gives us a bigger pool of vendors to market to our local area for less cost.

How to take advantage of this as a real estate agent

It’s time to take our focus off building a bigger following, and concentrate on converting these people into our CRM (database). Not all is lost, the work you have done so far will help you convert other people easier. Let me show you a step-by-step approach on how to do this.

How to steal your fans from Facebook and build your database

  • When you advertise your advertisement you will have to attach it to a business page. This shows other people that this advertisement is trustworthy as other people have already liked your page.

  • When you create an image when advertising, always give it a border that's not blue. As you know, Facebook is blue; it does not help If you're advertising is blue.

  • Don't just create one image as people get bored of it very quickly and will start paying out on this because they can comment on it. I have seen many comments making fun of these ads in their newsfeeds such as "get out of my newsfeed shocking Stuart". The funny thing is that the puns help the advertisement gain more reach.

  • Make sure the title of the ad matches the audience. Such as if you're advertising in Girraween mention Girraween in the Advertising.

  • When people click on the advertisement, make sure it goes to a website that you own and have full control over.

  • Make sure this website has a compelling offer not just "GET YOUR FREE APPRAISAL NOW......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*******" people are tired of that and studies show that this does not work anymore and has not worked for some time.

  • Send them to a form that only has one field to fill out at a time, such as an address or email. When they hit the submit button make sure the next page only has one field to fill out as well and so on.

  • Once you have the email, start a conversation with them right away. Don't do generic canned emails.

  • Then you can send them relevant follow-up automatic emails, such as buyer alerts.

You can send this same compelling offer link (using Google URL Shortener) on Twitter LinkedIn or any social media platform. At least you'll get a return on investment. But don't always post this link; post this link in between your blog posts. Basically, it’s just about sending traffic to that offer/website that converts your visitor.

Tip; If your click through rate to your website is under two per cent, scrap the ad, as your return on investment is way too low.

Keep in mind, don't spend too much time, money and effort on this. If it takes you more than two hours to do all of this, you're wasting valuable time and you might as well hire someone to do this for you. Remember, social media marketing isn't about spending hours on Facebook. It's really only meant to take you about 15-20 minutes a day to set up and maintain.




Jhai Mitchell is the internet marketing business developer at Elders Toongabbie and Kings Langley. Prior to this, he had a successful career running his own online business in Western Australia and achieving the top 10 per cent in sales with a mobile phone group. Jhai made the move to real estate after seeing a gap in agents' abilities to market themselves online.

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