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Why Purplebricks?

A successful agent is someone who firmly believes relationships are built on trust and transparency. We are looking for outstanding people who want to provide great service, be well rewarded and win the respect and trust of their clients.

At Purplebricks you can enjoy:

  • Marketing support with appraisals delivered to you, meaning less time prospecting
  • Great earning potential
  • Enjoy the benefits of running your own business
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Work life balance
  • A streamlined process (less admin)

A platform that delivers better outcomes

Our platform builds trust because everything is transparent; it empowers the vendor, buyer and agent; to drive better results. Here's how:

The vendor can see feedback and every offer direct from buyers. They can respond or leave it to their agent. For buyers, everything is easier, from making contact to obtaining documents, and they can also see offers being made. They don’t have to take an agents word for it. It builds a sense of urgency and competition, which leads to better outcomes for the agent and their vendor.

For the agent, there is no longer any doubt about your word. Your role is so much richer. The platform is a 24/7 sales and admin assistant leaving you to do what you do best, deliver great service and negotiate better outcomes.

Work for yourself, smarter and earn more

By developing a smarter system, Purplebricks has removed the financial risk of starting your own business. Imagine working for an international brand, with a multi-million dollar marketing budget that delivers hot leads everyday, without having to pay massive franchise fees.

Centralised marketing and administration, means you spend your time in the living room doing appraisals and selling homes. You work remotely, so no need to pay expensive rent, fit out an office or pay excessive on-going administration costs.

You can concentrate on building your business without the sleepless nights.

Appraisals delivered direct to you

Your leads come straight to you based on your area, without being cherry picked by an agency principle, partner or more senior agent. Stop spending precious time, money and resources prospecting to homeowners who are not even looking to sell.

While we’re not suggesting you never prospect, the days of wasting your time on leads that will never convert are dead. With independent research showing 90% of people who sold with Purplebricks would sell with us again, prospecting via word-of-mouth referrals is far more fruitful. This means you don’t waste your money on expensive marketing that can’t be truly measured. Watch the below video to find out why our customers would recommend us.

Earn more, working smarter and for yourself

How often is your commission shared with people who had little or nothing to do with your sale? One of the greatest myths peddled by competitors is the notion that Purplebricks agents can’t earn a fair and reasonable remuneration.

Purplebricks provides fairness and certainty. When you finalise a sale you will know exactly how much you will earn, and because you spend more time selling, your potential earnings are unlimited.

And without those expensive overheads, more of those earnings will translate into profit for you business.

New starter support while you get up and running

Purplebricks supports you from the start. We pay successful candidates during their initial training, along with flights and expenses as needed.

Even experienced and successful agents walk out of our training, refreshed and surprised at how much they learn. They find the genius of our platform is in its simplicity, making Real Estate easy to sell and easy to buy.

We then provide on-going development and support, if you are not already a licensed Real Estate Agent, we will also support you in getting your license. From there the sky’s the limit, you could become a territory owner, state or national manager here or overseas.

Why we believe commissions are unfair

Selling a $1million home is fundamentally no more difficult than selling a $500,000 home, so selling it for twice the fee is not fair and reasonable.

Commissions are simply unfair and too high, because property price increases have massively outstripped average income growth. For example; in Sydney between 2011 and 2017 house prices rose by 78%, so an agency charging the same commission saw its cut increase by 78%, without working harder or smarter.

We believe that capitol growth belongs to the owner. Vendors should not be asked to pay for things that don’t help sell their home, like shop front’s buyers never visit or their expensive coffee machines. Our model is more efficient and that’s why we charge our customers a fair fixed fee.

Who we are

Purplebricks is a listed, international company, that first launched in the UK where it is now the number one Real Estate agency. Along with the UK and Australia, we operate in the US, Canada and Germany with plans for further expansion.

Brothers Michael and Kenny Bruce founded Purplebricks in 2014, with the simple premise that “People have been paying too much, for too little, for too long.”

If you share that view, and have a commitment to honesty, transparency, cost effectiveness and convenience - you could be the right person for us.

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