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4 tips for working from home

By Charles Caravousanos
06 May 2020 | 3 minute read

For many of us, real estate agents included, working from home for all or part of the day is part of our new reality. Now, while at first it can seem like working from home could hinder your productivity, if you set yourself up for success you can find yourself more productive than ever.

It’s so important to maximise this time at home because your focus during this patch will differentiate you from other agents and help you build a stronger business for 2020. 

Here’s my advice on setting yourself up for success at home:

A happy home office leads to productivity 

You need to create a clean, decluttered space to work in at home, similar to the one you might have had at work. This dedicated space will help to structure your day as you mentally move from home to work. It will also help to minimise distraction as you move into your more focused work persona. 

It’s also crucial to continue with your work commencement ritual such as making tea or buying a coffee. Whatever you used to do to prepare for the workday in your office should be translated back home as best as possible. This will also help your mind shift from home to work and help you to concentrate. 

Keep communicating  

Interacting with your team is, of course, crucial for productivity, but it is even more important for your mental health. If you would usually discuss something with your team in passing at the office, send them an email or have a phone call so you don’t lose this interaction. 

As most of us are not used to this kind of environment with such limited social interaction, it is of utmost importance that we keep communicating with each other. We must keep connected to our communities to maintain our mental health during this time. 

Check your tech 

As we will be working from home for a little while, it’s essential to be able to rely on your home technology and WI-FI completely. There will also probably be more people in the house wanting to use the WI-FI, and it’s important that you are not competing with them for bandwidth. To prevent this, check your internet speed, implement rules regarding bandwidth priorities in your home and upgrade your WI-FI network. This will ensure your technology is always stable and consistent. 

Be work aware

The reality is that some of us live with talkative and distracting people (or easily distract ourselves). The best way to minimise disturbances is to set boundaries with yourself and others about the separation between work and social time. This will ensure better-quality time in both of these areas. It should also hopefully contribute to your home running more smoothly. 

At times like these, it’s important to remember how lucky we are to be living in a digital age. It means that we can keep business running even during social isolation policies. If you follow the tips above, you will still be able to grow, learn and get sales results during the next few months. 

Charles Caravousanos is the sales leader of LJ Hooker Avnu.

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