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20 sales in first 10 months thanks to established training program 

By Coronis
02 June 2021 | 4 minute read

Promoted by Coronis

Tatjana Freeman joined Coronis in August 2020 and in her first 10 months, has sold 20 properties and written more than $275,000 in GCI which she puts down to her Hub Director’s leadership and the Coronis sales training program.

Coming from a telecommunications career at Telstra where she worked in sales and management, Tatjana was able to transfer a lot of her skills into her new role.

“I’ve always loved working in sales, but what I loved the most was talking to people, so I thought real estate was the perfect avenue for me to marry my love of sales and people together and make a lifelong career out of it that was personally and professionally rewarding,” Ms Freeman said. 

Her decision to join the Coronis Group came at the recommendation of a friend but it wasn’t until she researched the company on social media and attended a careers evening that she made her mind up.

“When I was thinking about which company to join, I saw how much fun the Coronis team was having on their social media accounts and I thought ‘they’re having the time of their life, I want to get in on that,’ so I signed up for the careers evening.

“Then at the information night, it was clear this company was a stand out a) because they actually provided an intensive training program where you come out the other side of as an actual agent with your own brand and b) they were passionate about changing people’s lives for the better.

“Since joining the Coronis team, I’ve often thought I should have done this sooner. Actually, I am kicking myself that I didn’t make the jump sooner as it’s the best decision I have made in my life. 

“The On The Job Training program has taught me more about myself and what I am capable of than anything else I have ever done ... it’s been really profound learning experience for me.

“It literally taught me everything I needed to know, everything I needed to do and set me up for success. Ten months in and I now love the absolute autonomy I have and how I choose my own hours, where I work, my pay structure… everything. I have complete flexibility and freedom. 

“But the key element that made the program and me work was my Hub Director, Anthony Hunt, who pushed me to succeed and supported me every step of the way.

“I’ve been very fortunate to work with some fantastic leaders, but Anthony is by the far the best I have ever worked with. He has high energy, he’s humble, he actually cares about me and what I want to achieve and he’s created a really fun and engaging team culture in our office so that we all just enjoy working with each other.

“That’s been really important for me to have that unwavering support from not only Anthony, but the entire team. If you need help at a listing appointment, or help negotiating a deal or a weekend off, there is always someone willing to help with no expectations in return.

“We’re all here to genuinely help each other and I think that speaks to our team culture and our leader who foster’s that culture. I honestly can’t imagine working with a better group of people or with another leader like Anthony, I’ve just never been this happy.” 

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