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Market Buy & Podium Join Forces In Win For Agents

By Marketbuy
14 June 2021 | 3 minute read

Promoted by Market Buy

What happens when a Google Ventures backed interaction management platform company teams up with an Aussie Proptech? Agents win!

Communication is the key to success in everything we do. You could even make the argument that communication is one of the reasons humans became the dominant species on the planet.

So it makes perfect sense that in business, the right message communicated at the right moment via the right medium, makes a crucial and positive impact on the relationship between that business and it’s clients.

This is a truth that Market Buy and Podium have long known.

Earlier this year, Market Buy added Podium’s communication tools into our agent interface to provide almost instantaneous support to our agents at the most crucial moments of a sale.

It was a massive success with response times dropping to under 60seconds on average for agent support enquiries and further cementing Market Buy’s position as the leader in customer service and support, when it comes to online offers.

Off the back of this success, Market Buy and Podium have agreed to integrate on a significantly deeper level in order to give agents even greater strength in their market.

Reviews are crucial to the early stages of research and to establish an agent as the authority in their patch. Equally as important reviews are social proof, demonstrating that it’s not just marketing, that real people have had success with the agent and loved the experience.

Podium’s technology, integrated with Market Buy, will now allow agents to collect reviews from their vendors at the exact moment the vendors are most driven to provide positive feedback – on the completion of their sale on Market Buy.

The Podium platform allows reviews to be collected on multiple platforms, giving agents the ability to build their social proof in the most prominent digital spaces for their market to engage with.

As part of the new partnership, Podium have also announced they will be offering agents affiliated with Market Buy access to a free Podium Starter account, a first in Australia.

The free Podium Starter account will allow agents to collect reviews and engage with clients via their website as they test out the speed and benefits the Podium platform offers.

Agents can register their interest in the free Podium Starter account at https://try.podium.com/marketbuy/


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