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REB Rent Roll Revenue Growth Series -
Masterclass 1: Maximising your fees

In a world where it seems that it’s a constant race to the bottom when it comes to charging a client fee, there is still a highly viable proposition for agents with the right client proposition to ask for a higher management fee.

If you can clearly articulate the value of a higher fee to the landlord you’re in a better position to keep fees at a premium and not discount to win business. We’ll talk to some of the PMs that generate the highest fees. You’ll discover:

  • How to win properties without charging the lowest fees
  • Why the right technology can deliver a better client outcome at a lower cost with a higher return for the agent
  • How to underpin the value of your agency vs the fee you charge

This masterclass will be live and interactive, so prepare your questions to be answered on the day by REB and our leading specialists.

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