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How this leading network is giving agents a new edge over competitors

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09 February 2024 | 5 minute read
How this leading network is giving agents a new edge over competitors 1 rmpe6d

Ensuring property marketing stands out is paramount to achieving a great result. However, clients are too often stuck with what a brand dictates them to use. Until now.

Recognising the evolving needs of real estate agents has been a continual focus of Raine & Horne, who has been a dominant force in Australasian real estate since 1883.

Having recently unveiled its first substantial brand evolution since 2017, the new-look combines the super brand’s rich heritage with a forward-thinking approach that aims to provide agents with the flexibility to present marketing materials in a choice of tones.

Ensuring property marketing stands out across various mediums is paramount to achieving a great result for clients. However, unfortunately clients are not often presented with options that can enhance their property marketing. Raine & Horne are seeking to change this.

The foundation of the updated identity centres around preserving the distinctive handcrafted bespoke gold ampersand symbol, while embracing a premium and contemporary charcoal and white colour scheme.

Agents of Raine & Horne will soon have the flexibility to present marketing materials in either white or charcoal. For instance, signboards can be tailored to white or charcoal tones to ensure it stands out in its environment.

Put simply, the new, sleek and sophisticated signboards have the potential to contribute significantly to the overall curb appeal of a property for sale.

The refreshed brand is anticipated to attract and retain top-tier talent, and unequivocally underscores Raine & Horne's commitment to continual evolution and progress. According to Executive Director, Angus Raine, it signifies a purposeful step to rejuvenate the company's rich heritage, ensuring its relevance and competitiveness in an ever-changing industry landscape.

“The 2024 brand refresh not only showcases our determination to evolve and ability to adapt but also positions us as an innovative leader in a highly competitive industry.”

“With 96 offices joining us last year, our cutting-edge tools and digital platforms combined with our new, exciting and sophisticated brand identity puts Raine & Horne firmly on the shopping list for property owners as well as top talent,” Mr Raine said.

The brand transformation stems from exhaustive analyses by the Raine & Horne marketing team, led by Head of Marketing Michael Carroll and Communications & Creative Director Shaun Mathieson in conjunction with leading brand agency EDGE.

Surveys of the Australasian network, combined with a rigorous review of competitor collateral, revealed that agents are desiring options that can be adapted to the needs of their clients, while also enhancing brand positioning in their local markets.

Mindy Powell-Hodges, Head of Network at Raine & Horne, emphasised the significance of the transformation: "This evolution truly brings our brand into the modern era. Real estate is a saturated and competitive market, and our 2024 brand update will set us apart from the pack."

Moreover, Raine & Horne has readopted the use of Quick Response Codes (QR codes) across its entire media spectrum, enhancing accessibility for customers to properties and online resources, and significantly expanding the reach of listed properties.

In fact, Raine & Horne was the first real estate group to take the pioneering step of adopting QR Codes over a decade ago.

"We take immense pride in the fact that Raine & Horne pioneered the use of QR codes in our industry way back in 2011. Now since the pandemic, everyone is much more confident using QR codes and so we believe that these can play a crucial role in providing greater value to our clients in accessing the information they need quickly and easily," says Ms Powell-Hodges.

The 2024 brand rejuvenation marks the beginning of another new chapter in the storied history of Raine & Horne, promising an even more resonant, innovative, and customer-centric approach to the Australasian real estate market.

To find out more about how this innovative approach to real estate marketing can make a difference to your business and profitability, visit https://rh.com.au/join-us/.

How this leading network is giving agents a new edge over competitors
How this leading network is giving agents a new edge over competitors 1 rmpe6d
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