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Inspection provider kicks off major rebrand

By Orana Durney-Benson
11 June 2024 | 9 minute read
before you bid rebrand reb uqobxx

Before You Bid has rebranded under a new name, signalling the start of a new era for the company.

The company will now be known as Before You Buy, in a move designed to communicate to customers that their services can be used by all buyers, not only those purchasing via auction.

Founded in 2015, Before You Buy is a property inspection and report provider that was originally designed as an affordable alternative to traditionally costly inspection reports.

Reports can be commissioned by either vendors or buyers, and identify any major defects or pest problems in a listed property.

Before You Buy stated: “Over the years, we have recognised that our name, Before You Bid, has led to some confusion and misassumptions among real estate agents and potential clients.”

“Many believed that our services were solely for properties going for auction. However, our comprehensive inspection reports and services are designed to benefit anyone looking to buy a property, regardless of the buying method.”

The rebrand may only be a simple two-letter change, but CEO Rhys Rogers noted that the new name signals the company’s commitment to clearly communicating their mission.

“We’ve always been committed to helping buyers make the best decisions possible,” said Rogers. “This rebrand is about ensuring everyone knows that our services are here to support all property purchases, not just auctions.”

“With this change, we are excited to continue our journey in providing top-notch property inspection services and to reach an even wider audience,” he stated.

Prominent real estate professionals have previously underlined the importance of organising a building and pest report prior to the sale.

Real estate coach Tom Panos stated that while a pre-sale report may feel like a waste of money, it can save costs in the long run.

“Imagine this – you pay for REA and Domain, photographers and furniture, then get eight incredible open for inspections, and run a great campaign, but all of a sudden just because you saved $200 on a building and pest report, you end up having some information revealed at the last minute and it costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars or the sale entirely.”

Director David Walker echoed this sentiment, saying: “If there is a problem with the building report, it’s going to be twice as bad down the track if we’re blindsided by it.”

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