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STOP the Leakage and put the plug back in your Real Estate Bathtub…Fast!

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10 July 2017 | 6 minute read
2017 07 09

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Turn off the tap and put a plug in your bathtub.  Most Real Estate businesses experience massive leakage, like having a running tap filling your bathtub, with no plug in the waste pipe.

Would you be interested to know the Top 5 areas of Leakage in a Real Estate business?  Hopefully you won’t be experiencing leakage in any of these areas…

No.1 – Open For Inspections – Not gathering names, numbers, email addresses at Open Homes, and for those that do, only to be followed with little to no follow-up after the Open Home.  We have statistics that will really open your eyes and leave your jaw on the ground, with just how many opportunities are flowing through your bathtub, in just this one area of your business alone.

No.2 – Second and third round follow-up for Open For Inspections.  The opportunities that you are just hand-balling to your competitors here is staggering!

No.3 – Past Appraisal Follow-up – For as long as I can remember Agents are always busy searching for and trying to pull-in new customers, instead of just looking after the people they’ve already met and had the great fortune of commencing a relationship with.  Why do we constantly let these opportunities flow through our Real Estate bathtub?  It’s so much easier doing business with people you’ve already met and started to build a relationship with, rather than be constantly searching for new clients, not to mention the fact that it is statistically 6 – 7 times cheaper to work with clients who already know you, like you and trust you.  Why is it then, that so many Agents hardly ever, or sadly never for some, follow-up their Past Appraisals, if they don’t list immediately?

No.4 – Surround Property Prospecting – the vast majority of Agents refer to Surround Property Prospecting as bombing the letterboxes of the neighbour’s homes either side of your Listing with a Just Listed or Just Sold flyer and hoping they’ll list with you if they consider selling.  What a complete waste of time and money.  The true definition of Surround Property Prospecting is very different to the aforementioned!  Want to know what it truly means to do Surround Property Prospecting correctly?

No.5 – Database Management – why as individual operators in the industry do we not place enough importance on this one task, the very task that is supposed to line your pockets with gold bullions over the length of your career?  It’s really where everything starts or stops, however sadly for most Agents, it’s stopping here!  Often the information for your prospects never even make it into your chosen CRM, however even if it does, what are you then doing with the data to maintain, nurture and keep it clean?  Without an up-to-date database, you can’t get true leverage in your business.

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