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National survey reveals industry’s tech habits

By Nick Bendel
12 January 2016 | 9 minute read
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Most agents are convinced they move fast on new technology, although a significant number are still unwilling to embrace change.

A snap poll of REB readers has found that most agents are convinced they’re ahead of the curve with technology.

According to the poll, 73.2 per cent of respondents regard themselves as early adopters of new technology, while 26.8 per cent don’t.

The survey also found that a significant number of agents don’t regard technology as a business builder – 6.1 per cent of respondents don’t use it for prospecting, 23.1 per cent don’t use it during listing presentations and 4.8 per cent don’t use it in sales and marketing campaigns.

The most popular prospecting technologies are laptops with 61.9 per cent, smartphones with 57.1 per cent, tablets with 49.0 per cent, videos with 18.4 per cent and apps with 17.0 per cent.

At listing presentations, 51.0 per cent use a tablet, 25.2 per cent use a smartphone, 24.5 per cent use a laptop, 14.3 per cent use video and 13.6 per cent use apps.

The survey found that 45.7 per cent of respondents generally encourage vendors to use video marketing, while 54.3 per cent don’t.

When asked whether it was easier to get VPA for digital over print, 69.6 per cent said yes, 17.4 per cent said no and 13.0 per cent said they were unsure.

The most popular technologies to use during campaigns are office websites with 85.0 per cent, listings portals with 81.0 per cent, social media with 61.9 per cent and video with 40.1 per cent.

Next come aerial photography with 31.3 per cent, apps with 19.7 per cent, virtual staging with 14.3 per cent, 3D with 8.8 per cent and augmented reality with 2.7 per cent.

Most agents participate in social media, with 72.5 per cent using it to build their local profile and 58.0 per cent using it to generate leads.

The survey also found that 52.9 per cent use apps for their business, while 32.6 per cent spend money on SEO.

But are agents getting bang for their buck? When asked whether they receive a good return on investment for the money they spend on listings portals, 44.9 per cent of respondents said yes, 16.7 per cent said no and 38.4 per cent said they were unsure.

The survey also found that 58.7 per cent believe they receive a good return on investment for their overall technology expenditure, while 13.0 per cent feel they don’t and 28.3 per cent are unsure.

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