Agents warned: step away from technology

Agents warned: step away from technology

Real estate agents and technology
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Agents need to communicate and they need to stay connected – but could switching your phone off actually make you more successful?

Speaker, author and mentor Christina Guidotti believes real estate agents can have it all, but it will require you to turn your phone off one day a week.

“[I want] agents to see this career as an opportunity to have it all, to have their very best health, wealth and relationships,” Ms Guidotti told REB.

However, she has learned that this is not feasible for many agents.

“What we’ve got to learn is how to make the money, how to be commercially successful, but we’ve also got to learn how to be sustainably successful,” she said.

Ms Guidotti said many agents presume the way to overcome a slump is by working harder. However, she said agents should be doing the opposite and taking a step away from work to refocus.

“One of the big problems is that we’re giving so much to others in our lives. The whole real estate world can be 24/7, we’re attached to the technology, it can be unrelenting. How do we start giving back to ourselves in life?”

Ms Guidotti believes agents should have at least one day a week free of their phone and emails per.

“There’s an off button on your phone. Self-respect is turning the phone off,” she said.

“If you are focused on your family, not thinking about work [for a] minimum of one day a week, if you’ve got a cleaner in to do your cleaning and your ironing and someone to do your letterbox drops, you are not going to be struggling as much when you get the ‘no’s’. Because you are going to be able to have some downtime to walk away. Sometimes you’ve just got to be able to walk away.”

Allowing yourself downtime can often be more beneficial than overworking yourself. It will give you a chance to gain perspective and to reassess your strategies which can lead to better decision-making.

“We have to create discipline to have it all in real estate. It is very possible and it really does come down to learning how to work smarter not harder ... that’s when we give better service to our clients, we’re more rested and in a better mindset to help them make their biggest financial decisions, so it has that ripple effect right the way through,” Ms Guidotti said.

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