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New agent app designed to save time and win more business

By Staff Reporter
23 October 2017 | 9 minute read
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Proplyapp.com.au is an interactive and customisable proposal software for real estate agents that allows them to save time and win more business.

Founder and CEO Geoff Lewis said that the platform has been built specifically for real estate agents, and it has a raft of intelligent features and tools.

“The product integrates with Domain’s PriceFinder platform, pulling through property info and comparable sales. It also has a suggestive address lookup feature,” Mr Lewis said. 

Mr Lewis said that Proplyapp is a true SaaS product (software as a service) bringing together all the information usually used in a vendor proposal. Agents can sign up and use the product immediately.

“There is no need to involve a designer or a tech professional; the product is ready to use and familiar in design.

“No external support is required although we do have a help desk and support infrastructure.”

Mr Lewis said that the product is specifically geared towards agents winning more business.

“Vendors can accept anywhere, from any device and anytime with the click of a button. An SMS alert [is] provided to [the] agent immediately.”


Mr Lewis also said that it provides alerts on key events; for example, the agent is notified each time a vendor opens a proposal.

“This means there are no more cold follow-ups. You know they have looked at your proposal, when and how many times.”                                             

“For example, if a vendor were to say, ‘…we have decided we are not going to sell for another three months’, then six weeks later you see they are looking at the proposal, you will be notified.”

The app also has a built-in case-study capability.

“Case studies are different to comparable sales,” Mr Lewis said. “Here the agent has the opportunity to demonstrate successful previous campaigns and how they achieved the result.                                   

“This compliments the narrative around ‘I’m asking you to spend $25K on marketing and here is an example of a campaign down the road where a vendor spent the money and achieved a 10x ROI.’”

Mr Lewis also said that the app allows case studies to be shared across agents.

“Once a proposal is accepted, it can be converted into a case study with the click of a button.”

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