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Integrated online platform launched to give agents wider social reach

By Tim Neary
25 October 2017 | 9 minute read
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A young proptech company has launched a sophisticated new social-connect platform to the market, giving agents a deeper footprint in their local catchment areas.

Real Estate Bookings has launched REBconnect, a fully managed social media service that promotes listings to in-the-market buyers and harnesses the power of re-marketing and advanced targeting capability.

The platform captures buyer and/or tenant enquiry from a range of online channels and integrates with Facebook and Instagram, property websites and real estate portals.

Real Estate Bookings digital marketing manager Nic Roberts said that this data is now available to be used to directly remarket listings to in-the-market buyers via social media.

Mr Roberts also said that combining this with other data sources — such as CoreLogic, Acxiom and Quantium — allows every property advertisement on social channels to be “incredibly” targeted.

“By taking in factors like home owner status, income, property tenure, online behaviours, spending habits and much more, we are now able to match each property to a unique audience of prospects,” the digital marketing manager said.

“This ensures your advertising is cost-effective and going to the right people at the right time.”

Mr Roberts also said that the combination and integration capability of the platform produces “high-quality” leads while growing the user’s brand in their local market.

“It’s an exciting time for real estate and the team are excited to grow this product and continue to generate great results across the market.”

Director at independent agency Barnett Real Estate, Jason Barnett, has used the platform to good effect, and found that it increased his business and profile. 

“After using REBconnect to promote a few of my listings, the turnout to my open homes increased by around 50 per cent,” Mr Barnett said. 

“I also love the fact my brand gets promoted and all traffic from the campaign goes to my website.”

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