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Tech speed: So quick you need to reinvent every year just to keep up

By Tim Neary
10 December 2018 | 9 minute read
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It may have been slower than the others to start, but real estate technology is moving so fast now — and gaining momentum — that it might feel like you have to reinvent your real estate business every year just to keep up — and you do, one tech expert has said.

Wade Angelo from SCANN3D said that the domino train is on the move.

“Renters went from paper forms to one forms. Home sellers used to put up placards; now they put up posts on Facebook.

“So, it’s understandable that when you hear about immersive technology like 3D scanning or virtual and augmented reality (XR for short), you might roll your eyes, or scream ‘Slow down!’”

Mr Angelo said that the technology is a natural progression, following the evolution of the industry’s consumer demands. He added that it is likely to become even more pervasive.

“In fact, immersive technology is already being used in many real estate campaigns today,” Mr Angelo said. 

“3D scanning is gaining popularity. It’s as quick as a normal photo shoot but can create endless HD photos from any angle. It’s also used to create accurate floor and site plans, and anyone can visit the 3D dollhouse online.”

He said that the virtual possibilities are limitless.

“You can even walk around inside it in virtual reality,” Mr Angelo said

“Imagine telling a client on the other side of the world they could do their house inspection from the other side of the world. Or consider the next bond dispute when you have a perfect 3D scan.”

Mr Angelo warned that the pace of the change is rapid. And it’s getting quicker.

“The reality is immersive technology has been on a steady incline in user adoption, with hundreds of thousands of VR units sold, millions of mobiles AR-compatible, and the cost of 3D scanning coming down significantly. 

“So, unless you want to be left posting on Facebook while your competitors are creating 3D tours, you better get caught up.”

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