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The tech you need to stay ahead of the game

Promoted by Daniella Levy
26 June 2019 | 4 minute read
2019 06 25 1

Promoted by ListReady.

The rapid pace of technological innovation in other industries has heightened consumer expectations in all their business interactions, and real estate is no exception. It’s come to a point where you’re really only left with two options: adapt or fall behind.

Property technology is changing the way we invest in, buy and sell property. In a similar way to the thriving fintech industry, proptech takes advantage of the latest cutting-edge technologies to provide smarter, faster real estate solutions.

ListReady is the latest tech solution in the real estate sector. The proptech start-up utilises the established AI-based tech platform of its fintech sibling MoneyMe to provide a B2B solution to agents that assists with securing vendor-paid advertising (VPA) costs by offering vendors a payment option that allows them to repay on settlement.

With big investments being made in proptech there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing real estate-focused tech ventures popping up left, right and centre. There’s a huge technological shift in the property sector coming – and it’s coming fast. Here’s what to look out for if you want to stay at the forefront of the industry.  

VPA solutions

Advertising a client’s property with maximum exposure is the advantage with the best sale outcome. While we know it’s a worthwhile investment, many sellers are reluctant to fork out thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money upfront but are ready to commit to the sale.

ListReady solves the age-old issue of securing vendor paid advertising. Using smart processes and AI technology, ListReady allows vendors to postpone up to $25,000 in advertising costs until settlement while agents get paid in full, all in less than 60 seconds. To get started, vendors simply need to follow a few short steps on their mobile or an iPad. Once confirmed, ListReady sends the funds directly to the agency, with no upfront deposit required from the vendor.

Virtual reality

House hunting can be an incredibly overwhelming and time-consuming experience. Virtual reality is becoming the way to view dozens of properties in as little as minutes, from their agent’s office or even the comfort of their own home. Clients can use virtual reality tours to reduce the number of in-person property visits and speed up the buying process. Not only does this save time on the buyers end but it allows agents to expose properties to thousands of potential buyers, both locally and globally.  

Chat bots

Chat bots make agents’ lives easier by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks so they can focus on the more important things. They help in converting buyers, sellers and renters in the initial stages of their information search into leads by capturing their information for agents to follow up. Intelligent chat bots can answer frequently-asked questions, schedule viewings, search for properties, and most importantly, start the process of building a long-term relationship with a client.

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