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Victorian agents benefit from new forms and contracts platform

By Staff writer
30 January 2020 | 8 minute read
David Howell reb

The launch of a new, fully compliant forms and contracts platform could simplify Victorian agents’ paperwork.

Utilising technology has revolutionised customer service expectations. We can order a taxi on our phone, plan our next holiday on our device and much more.

Dynamic Methods has embraced this to simplify how agents and clients complete forms during the home selling process.

The new initiative available in Victoria is called Forms Live, and it meets all the requirements in the latest legislation.

“Forms Live makes life considerably easier for agents through its integrations into CRMs that remove the need to download and upload forms,” Dynamic Methods managing director David Howell said.

The platform allows agents to push data straight through from integrated CRMs and minimises the time spent completing paperwork, he said.

Additionally, it has fully integrated DocuSign to allow agents to get sign-offs with digital signatures quickly.

“Our 15 years specialising in real estate forms means we understand the workflows and processes of agents from end to end,” Mr Howell said.

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