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Console Cloud team builds tenant self-inspection feature

Promoted by Hayley Baxter, Console
11 May 2020 | 5 minute read
reb 2020 05 10

Promoted by Console Australia

To make routine inspections safer for everyone, Console worked with property managers to create a comprehensive tenant self-inspection solution.

Reinforcing their focus on customer-first solutions, Console designed and built a tenant self-inspection feature in Console Cloud in less than four weeks. The company worked hand in hand with their customers to deliver a product that enables property managers to schedule a routine inspection from their Console Cloud office, and enable the tenants’ submitted self-inspection report to populate automatically in Console Cloud. 

Routine inspections are a vitally important service that property managers deliver to owners to ensure their investment is protected. For those agencies looking to differentiate themselves from competitors, solving the problem of inspections during lockdown restrictions was a critical challenge. 

Property managers can now schedule tenant self-inspections in Console Cloud

To make routine inspections safer for everyone involved, Console Cloud’s developers worked with agencies to create a fully integrated self-inspection feature.

For Console Cloud users, this feature means that property managers won’t have to physically inspect tenanted properties for the purpose of a routine inspection. This minimises the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to both tenants and property managers. 

That’s a big win, and an extra time-saver for Console Cloud customers. The Console team believes this is a capability that will survive post-pandemic as a time-saving tool for property managers to partner with trusted tenants. 

A peek behind the scenes: how self-inspections work in Console cloud

Creating a tenant-self inspection generates an emailed set of instructions and caveats to the tenant. That email also contains a link to a form, and explains how tenants should complete their own routine inspection to the property manager’s satisfaction.

Tenants undertaking their own self-inspection can then complete the routine inspection on their phone or device, attach photos, and submit the form. The process is painless and carried out without the need to download an app. 

The form becomes a tenant self-inspection report and syncs automatically back to Console Cloud. This means no double handling or awkward work-arounds. 

Console Cloud customers are already seeing great value from the feature, which has not only kept staff safe, but saved them a significant amount of time conducting routine inspections. 

A word on trusting tenants

Console understands that by letting tenants self-inspect, agencies may not get the same quality or veracity of information they would have had if they had completed it themselves. And that’s a fair enough concern.

Property managers need to be able to privately view and edit the inspection report after the tenant has submitted it. That’s why Console Cloud lets these customers edit submitted reports, and remedy any inspection report defects.

Ultimately, it means our customers aren’t stuck with two unappealing alternatives: a potentially flawed routine report, or no routine report at all.

Features that are here to stay

The outcome of the pandemic is uncertain at this point, and how it will continue to affect Australia is anyone’s guess. All we can say with some certainty is that things will not be the same again. 

That’s why the Console Cloud team is constantly developing and improving features for our customers every day. We’re here to help them right now, but also in future.

What’s up next for Console Cloud?

Tenant self-inspections are just one of a number of great new features we’ve built recently. But we are most excited to announce that the release of our industry-best business intelligence tools will be live in just a few short weeks. 

What is business intelligence (or BI)

Business intelligence helps agencies measure their performance by enabling them to see real visual representations of their key data in real time. It helps agencies accurately keep track the metrics that make most sense to them—such as leading and lagging indicators of rent roll churn.

Console Cloud’s business intelligence feature will give customers these tools, enabling them to both understand and forecast their performance, as well as drill down into fine details. 

It’s truly a dynamic way to let our customers take control of their data,  and use it to craft their own recipes for success.

You can keep up to date about the latest feature releases and free resources by subscribing to our monthly product update, checking out our Autumn Release webinar highlights recap, or by visiting us here.


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