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App aims to kickstart the real estate market

By Cameron Micallef
15 May 2020 | 9 minute read
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As the real estate industry continues to adjust to the new norms brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, an app developer explains how the surety of knowing where people are and who they are with is key to getting the sector moving again.

In a conversation with Real Estate Business, 1breadcrumb founder Paul Willson explained how the app he developed — which is a check-in, check-out service — is helping agents do get back to normal.

1breadcrumb has been developed in a record five weeks as a one-touch solution to exiting lockdown, allowing house hunters to safely check in and out of open houses, display homes and auctions.

Using the example of a customer walking into a display home, who later finds out they are positive to the virus, Mr Willson highlighted how his app can help quickly stop the spread.

“Whether it be a display home and a customer walks in to check out one of the beautiful homes and there were three couples at the same time,” he said.

“If the customer comes back with COVID-19, the company doesn’t have to panic. It doesn’t need to go through the whole business and check everyone before the infected person was there. 

“Instead they have a good ability to workplace map who was there that particular day and during that time, and not necessarily bugging the people early in the day.”

With every experience being under eight seconds, Mr Willson said users who enter a worksite or a venue will have confidence that they can remain safe throughout the pandemic. 

He also said how not only will it help the industry get out of its current hibernation, but it will also help if there is an eventual second outbreak.

“In order to confidently and safely reopen homes for inspection and auction, real estate agents need to be able to access information about who has been onsite, for how long, and who they interacted with — in case of a secondary outbreak,” Mr Willson said.

Moving forward, if a potential health outbreak was to occur, Mr Willson believes his app and others like it will help businesses get back on their feet sooner due to contact tracing and temporary tracking becoming a new norm.

Mr Willson said: “One of the things that brought the globe to the stop is we felt insecure about sharing some of our information, but now it has proved pertinent that we have to be careful who we share our information with.

“We want to make sure it’s secure, but it is going to make sure in the future that we are not prohibited from going to a venue or a site.

“If this was alerted at the start and we could ask questions, it would’ve been a lot easier.”


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