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New tech is changing the way we think about listing proposals

By Campaigntrack and Realhub
15 September 2021 | 5 minute read

Promoted by Campaigntrack and Realhub

Developed by some of the industry’s brightest marketing minds, Campaigntrack and Realhub have now released ‘Engage’ to help sales agents win more listings.

Digital technology has undoubtedly changed the property marketing landscape over the last few years. But has the fascination with automation taken away the human element that’s so crucial in real estate? In an age where ads follow people across platforms and chatbots are a company’s first point of contact – not to mention where working from home is the new normal – the value of real relationship building is more important than ever.

The purpose of Engage is to use a digital platform to simplify the sales presentation backend. Agents can then use their time more effectively to have a more personal presence throughout the proposal process.

So what exactly is Engage? It’s a simple-to-use but incredibly powerful tool to produce slick, on-brand digital proposals and listing presentations. It offers incredible design versatility to create an immediate impression, while also streamlining communication and analytics after meeting the vendor.

Proposals are a necessary part of the job, but they can be extremely time consuming. Even with an assistant, scheduling, creating and delivering multiple presentations every week can be challenging. Using a tool like Engage, quotes, prelists, comparable market insights and even up-to-the-minute tracking and reporting data can all be prepared in one place with no fuss. Presentations are easy to create, quick to edit, and ready to send straight away, meaning agents can focus on building relationships rather than slideshows.

Plus, Engage’s responsive design means presentations can be crafted and sent just as easily on a phone or a desktop; on the run or in the office. They display seamlessly on a mobile or tablet, and they can be saved and printed as a PDF in seconds, so agents can leave a lasting impression.

The nature of the listing process means agents are usually being compared directly with their biggest competitors in the area. In fact, feedback at a recent AREC event suggests that one of the biggest concerns they have is not being able to differentiate their service from others on offer. The customisable nature of Engage allows agents to showcase not just their brand, but their personality as well.

Templates can be designed to suit a company’s style, meaning their brand will stay top of mind. Logos, colour schemes and other important assets all come together to make presentations unique, memorable and professional. There are also completely custom, one-off templates available, which can be created by the Engage team’s talented graphic designers or an agency’s preferred third party studio. And templates aren’t just designed to look good; they make it easier to showcase unique service features.


In such a competitive space as real estate, there’s an incredibly thin line between being top of mind and being annoyingly overzealous. One of the greatest benefits of a digital proposal tool like Engage is that it eliminates a lot of communication guesswork. Presentation metrics like number of opens, clicks and responses are all tracked, so agents know how and when potential clients are interacting with the content, making it easier to plan follow-ups strategically. Engage delivers hints and real-time alerts, which serve as reminders to make a call or prompts for future discussions points.

Of course, having the information is important, but the success of the pitch still comes down to an agent’s responsiveness. A 2019 study by XANT suggests that marketers who follow up digital leads within five minutes are a staggering nine times more likely to convert those leads into customers. Unlike traditional hard copies, digital proposal tools can let agents know exactly when a prospective client makes an inquiry, putting them in the perfect position for a rapid reply.

Vendors will certainly appreciate content that’s made just for them. So after making a great first impression with a tailored proposal, follow-up material needs to be just as relevant, informed and impactful. If they haven’t been discussed already, things like recent sales, biographies and suburb data can all be automatically brought into the next presentation. Engage is integrated with market leaders in property data to create bespoke reports for each vendor, and marketing quotes can also be pulled directly from other platforms.

Delivering standout content is only half the story though. Tracking the success rate of proposals is equally valuable. Identifying engagement trends can help to uncover ways of converting even more prospects into clients. Easily linked with common CRMs, Engage allows agents to access data and insights from each proposal quickly and conveniently.

With so many competitors vying for business, and with so much time pressure on every new proposal, small details can make a big difference. And with personal relationships now playing a bigger role in the listing process, less time spent drafting proposals means more time building connections with future clients.

To find out more about Engage, click here.


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