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REA Group joins likes of Google and Atlassian

By Staff Reporter
06 October 2021 | 9 minute read
OwenWilson 850x400 dec2018

With 60 members, the recently formed Tech Council of Australia is set to represent Australia’s tech sector and shape Australia’s digital future.

In a recent statement, REA Group revealed its alignment with the Tech Council of Australia – or TCA for short.

It joins 59 other global and local tech business members, with big names such as afterpay, Canva, and Atlassian, all involved in the organisation.

:Different and DocuSign are also members of the TCA, as well as tech giants Google and Microsoft.

REA Group CEO Owen Wilson said the company is delighted to be a member of the TCA, to support its goals for the capturing of significant economic benefit and contribute to Australia’s future prosperity.

He said: “We’re excited to join the TCA and proud to support its goals of creating one million tech jobs by 2025 and contributing $250 billion to the economy by 2030.”

From Mr Wilson’s perspective, the opportunity for continued growth of the sector is great.

“We look forward to working with other members to help shape Australia’s digital future together.”

REA Group chief technology officer Chris Venter has also weighed in, stating that REA is “proud to employ some of Australia’s best tech talent”.

Professing that the company is looking forward to working with TCA members to support the creation of more jobs and help address the labour shortages being faced in the tech sector.

“As a home-grown business, we look forward to working with the TCA to focus on initiatives that support the growth of, and investment in, Australia’s tech sector.

“Importantly, we want to generate more tech jobs and pathways into them while creating space for innovation and boosting the growth of the tech sector.”



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