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Homely goes hard with national campaign

By Staff Reporter
04 November 2021 | 9 minute read
Adam Spencer reb

The property portal has revealed new brand positioning for the brand as it kicks up its national marketing efforts.

Homely is now touting itself as offering “more than real estate” as it looks to further cement its position in the property portal sphere, embarking on a multi-channel campaign via a number of key media partners to do so.

Adam Spencer, the portal’s CEO and co-founder, said the new positioning, “More than Real Estate”, “is a proud reflection of our value proposition, our enduring commitment to our customers and users, and ultimately is what pushes us every day to constantly challenge the industry standard”.

From his perspective, the group is “just getting started”.

Homely’s head of marketing, Amanda Kramer, acknowledges “there’s never been a more exciting and yet daunting time to buy property in Australia”.

“When you look at the online and offline processes that unfortunately tend to be harder than they should be, plus overlay everything else that’s going on, the mental load is real for many people with a lot on their plates,” she stated.

Homely has expressed that it provides “much-needed competition when it comes to the online real estate industry”.

As the portal continues to grow quarter on quarter, the group sees consumer awareness as key, hence this national marketing drive.

Highlighting how Homely’s goal for this campaign was to “kickstart some momentum through impact, reach and frequency”, Ms Kramer explained that it did require making the brand assets more distinctive before focusing on finding high-impact opportunities.

She said the campaign “was designed to hit the right audience at the right time, and we put a lot into our targeting to do this”.

“We worked closely with our media partners to achieve the results we were after. We’re already seeing great results, including increases in enquiries, earned media and an uplift in user-generated content submissions on the site,” she explained.

As well as partnering with oOh!media, Nova, ARN network, and Mamamia.com.au, Homely also launched paid social, programmatic and direct display campaigns across the country.


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