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Adding value in transparency

By Kyle Robbins
04 March 2022 | 9 minute read
Kingsley Case Study house reb

Two four-bedroom houses located on the same Western Australian street; one of these houses blew its seller away, earning them $58,000 more than their neighbour.

The difference between the two sales? Transparency and control for the buyers, according to Tibor Kiss of Xceed Real Estate, who facilitated the better-performing sale in Kingsley, Western Australia.

He said that buyers appreciated his digital method of sale.

Touting the benefits of using the Openn platform, he shared: “The most resonating thing with all the buyers that I spoke to is the fact that it’s transparent. They can still exercise all their terms, and they’ve got control over how far they choose to go with the purchase.

“Buyers feel they’re more in control.” 

An online selling platform that facilitates the negotiation process, Openn provides both sellers and agents with a large target pool. It allows sellers to see all offers in real time, maximising the amount of money received from the sale.

This, Mr Kiss said, perfectly exemplified his most recent sale on the platform.

“We looked at the house across the road as being the superior property which sold for $712,000 in September 2021,” said Mr Kiss.

“He then asked if I felt that $679,000 was achievable, to which I agreed.”

Eventually, Mr Kiss and the vendors received an offer from a buyer of $770,000, with the agent sharing that the owner “was just amazed by the whole process”.  

“The seller was blown away!” he said.

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