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New Qld sales head for Homely

By Juliet Helmke
31 March 2022 | 9 minute read
Oliver Stanbrook reb

The brand’s new state sales manager for Queensland brings a wealth of experience in online platforms geared toward big-ticket purchases.

Oliver Stanbrook, who was internally elevated to the role from senior partnerships manager in Melbourne, has more than 17 years of experience in virtual marketplaces, having cut his teeth at Carsales.com.au and Domain.

In taking on the new role, Mr Stanbrook reflected on what his past experience has taught him.

“I’ve always worked for the industry challenger. Learning how to grow and represent a business that’s truly different from the competition has become a strength of mine. Competition drives innovation, brings the price down for the consumer, and fundamentally drives growth and value in the sector,” he said.

The new state manager also emphasised Queensland’s role in the company’s overall plans for growth.

“Queensland is a very important part of the Australian real estate ecosystem and is key to Homely’s growth over the coming months. I’m passionate about what Homely has to offer and I am excited to lead the Queensland team. I can’t wait to get stuck in,” he said.

Rory Cook, Homely’s head of sales, said it was this experience that made Mr Stanbrook “the perfect person for the job”. 

“He has been a crucial hire, as he has helped grow Homely’s industry partnerships across Australia and now he brings his invaluable experience and energy to focus on the Queensland market.” Mr Cook added.

“Queensland is a huge market for us. Agents are begging for property portal competition and meaningful change, and that’s exactly what Homely is bringing to the table for the industry”.

Mr Cook said a number of new appointments would be announced in the coming weeks.


Juliet Helmke

Based in Sydney, Juliet Helmke has a broad range of reporting and editorial experience across the areas of business, technology, entertainment and the arts. She was formerly Senior Editor at The New York Observer.

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