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JLL partners with Bricks and Agent for ‘Uberisation’ of digital platform

By Zarah Torrazo
08 April 2022 | 10 minute read
James Peterson Rafael Niesten reb

Bricks and Agent has been brought on board by JLL’s Australian property and asset management team, as the real estate group looks to optimise its existing tenant service platform in preparation for a global launch. 

The real estate services firm announced it has executed a three-year agreement with the start-up tech firm in order to upgrade its app, JLL Services on Demand. 

The collaboration aims to deliver a property maintenance platform that will streamline the hiring and management of tradies across JLL-managed properties by allowing tenants to quote, schedule and procure tradesman services in an Uber-style manner.  

The app looks to bridge the “disconnect” between tenants and property maintenance-related services providers during the maintenance process, providing a real-time correspondence hub for maintenance services, including cleaning, plumbing, security, electrical and handyman works. 

James Peterson, head of asset and digital development at JLL, said the app would allow for the “uberisation” of what is typically a manual set of processes today. 

“As a result of the pandemic, we believe that many tenants will either downsize their facilities management function within their teams or look to outsource the maintenance of their tenancy spaces and are therefore keen to leverage the scale of pricing and risk management of the property manager and landlord.” 

“Accordingly, JLL has collaborated with B&A to expand and personalise its existing platform to now be able to offer tenants in JLL managed properties all the services and pricing it has in place for managing the base building,” he explained. 

Upon its full optimisation, the solution will be integrated into clients’ existing building community apps or will be rolled out as a standalone software and eventually be deployed for use beyond the Asia-Pacific region. 

The partnership was finalised after a rigorous and competitive request for proposal (RFP) process.

“Bricks and Agent are the ideal partners – proactive, flexible and fast. JLL has significant scale and industry expertise and to be able to bring this to a proven digital entrepreneurial platform to develop a game-changer for our clients, both landlords, and tenants is very exciting,” said Mr Peterson.

According to JLL, the decision was set in stone on the back of data showing Bricks and Agent’s platform significantly reduced the 20 manual touchpoints in the average maintenance request by 40 per cent across a sample number of residential properties. 

Meanwhile, Bricks and Agents co-founder Rafael Niesten said that securing the partnership was a culmination of their half-decade grind to tackle bugbears for stakeholders involved in the maintenance process. 

“We have spent nearly five years building and refining a solution that significantly solves pain points for property managers, tenants, owners and trades by not only connecting them together but by providing the tools, workflows and automation that enable the maintenance process to be simplified for all the stakeholders,” he stated. 

He also expressed his enthusiasm for the latest digital push for property maintenance. “We are delighted to be partnering with JLL and powering their Services on Demand platform. JLL is a global force in property management and it is a testament to the efforts of our team to have built what we regard as a global market-leading platform in property maintenance,” he said. 


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