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Innovative app aims to improve home security

By Kyle Robbins
29 April 2022 | 12 minute read
The How Safe is My Place augmented reality app reb

Security is one of the largest threats that constantly plague the minds of home owners, and one app aims to end these concerns.

The How Safe is My Place augmented reality app, developed by RACV and Neighbourhood Watch, aims to improve overall home security by asking users various questions related to their home in order to determine how safe their home really is.

The app’s development was prompted by the success and popularity of an online quiz also produced by Neighbourhood Watch, with users invited to conduct a five-minute home safety survey that uses the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles to develop a home safety report that can be implemented by the user to increase home security and create peace of mind.


Users are also encouraged to implement other simple safety measures, such as joining or forming a Neighbourhood Watch group, to increase vigilance and home security in their area. The app builds on and enhances the questionnaire’s success.

With a Victorian home burgled every 24 minutes, and approximately one-third of home robberies occurring primarily for opportunistic reasons and without using force, the app will help identify burglary risks and help assess home safety, according to chief executive of one of the developing companies, Neighbourhood Watch, Bambi Gordon.

“With the support of RACV, our new app will help you assess how safe you are, identify risks and get you thinking about easy things you can do which have a significant impact on how secure you feel,” Ms Gordon said.

“If you think home security is a boring topic, you are in for a surprise. You can now visit a virtual home to discover ways to secure your property. The app is fun, interactive, and a family-friendly initiative designed to help make your home safer.

“In addition to using the How Safe is My Place app, introducing yourself to neighbours and exchanging contact details, or joining or establishing a Neighbourhood Watch group can all make a difference.”

Head of home and business insurance at RACV Kirsty Hayes expressed the immense pride her company feels in their partnership with Neighbourhood Watch while also stressing the importance of ensuring your insurance coverage is adequate.

“The app can help inform decisions you make around the home and whether it is worth considering installing a security system for added peace of mind to help keep your treasured possessions and family secure.

“It is also essential to check that your home insurance is up to date, with an adequate level of cover,” Ms Hayes said.

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