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SA businesses could get $15k to adopt new tech

By Staff Reporter
17 March 2023 | 9 minute read
office working laptop reb bdwjmb

A new grant program in South Australia is seeking to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in implementing new technologies within their businesses.

Optus has launched the grant program, which is being delivered in partnership with Showcase SA.

The terms and conditions of the scheme require that recipients be Optus Business customers with fewer than 300 FTE employees.

The program “seeks to support SMBs in the adoption of new technology into their business and to help them evolve and address the challenges in the current economic climate.”

The scheme’s announcement coincides with the Optus Business Plus Mentorship roadshow, which kicked off with a keynote from Mark Bouris, who stressed the importance of technology for business success.  

“In my business, I need up-to-date information. When we talk about connectivity, it’s absolutely critical for me,” he noted. 

“Now, we can communicate virtually; you can see people’s body language. That’s critical. You couldn’t do that in 2008 when we went through the GFC. Being able to call people and see their faces, their body language — you can’t do that on a phone call.”

He also noted that many businesses are understandably concerned about the potential for an economic downturn, which he said historically lasts nine to 15 months.

But, he warned against pulling levers too tightly, stating, “Don’t get rid of everybody and then be in a position where you can’t take advantage of the upturn.”

“Keep an open communication line. You can’t surprise people; people hate surprises that might relate to their job security.”

“We can’t control cycles, but downturns only last for short periods.”

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