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Realtair eyes global growth with foray into New Zealand

By Staff Reporter
17 August 2023 | 10 minute read
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The end-to-end property sales platform has launched in its first market outside of Australia, hinting that this is only the start of its international expansion plans.

Now available to agents in New Zealand, Realtair is seeking to replicate its success at home with a near neighbour – the proptech recently reported a 200 per cent increase in active users between July 2022 and July 2023.

Describing it as the right time to take a step outside Australia, Realtair CEO Pete Matthews said the firm would benefit from similarities in the New Zealand market.

“The synergies are strong. This will enable the strategies we’ve used in Australia, and the lessons we’ve learned in working with agents to understand their pain points, to be adapted and replicated in a market with significant crossover and real similarities to our own, including in a regulatory sense,” Mr Matthews said.

“The timing is important too, as there’s a lack of end-to-end solutions currently available in the market,” he added.

The firm is reported to have over 10,000 agents within Australia relying on its product to keep track of sales progress, including information on the many stakeholders involved in each individual property purchase.

Realtair chief operating officer Blake Williams said the firm would start by targeting a similar slice of the pie relative to the size of the New Zealand market – a goal he said is “within reach”.

“Now Realtair has an established presence in the New Zealand market, we can implement our targeted growth strategy. This includes working with best-in-breed agents who we know can benefit from the platform, who want to free up their time to focus on their customer relationships, and who then act as advocates for the Realtair platform simply through improved performance,” Mr Williams said.

He added that with agents dealing with a large volume of requirements from people on all sides of property transactions, the firm is seeking to support industry professionals in providing a high-level of service.

“Across global markets, consumers today expect to be able to do anything they want, whenever they want – whether it’s seeking an appraisal, making an offer on a property, participating in a timed auction, or paying a deposit. Agents who can facilitate this simply and seamlessly have a clear advantage, and this is why Realtair exists,” Mr Williams said.

While eyeing further expansion, he said the firm wouldn’t lose sight of this core goal.

“As we continue to investigate international markets and new expansion opportunities, we’ll continue to be guided by this simple value proposition,” Mr Williams noted.

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