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3 cyber threats to protect against in 2024

By Staff Reporter
05 January 2024 | 9 minute read
tim liu hillstone networks reb p2s2rs

The chief technology officer of a cyber security firm has flagged several factors in 2024 that business leaders will need to monitor to ensure the safety of their businesses.

According to Tim Liu, CTO of Hillstone Networks, the cyber security landscape in 2024 is poised for significant shifts, presenting both challenges and opportunities for those heading up firms in any field.

In his view, these are some of the significant changes impacting cyber security that leaders should watch for in the year ahead.

The continued growth of artificial intelligence (AI)

“While AI promises enhanced creativity, productivity and general workflow improvements, it also introduces new threat vectors,” Mr Liu warned.

As a rapidly developing field, it’s currently thought of as something of a “Wild West”, where regulations are not yet fixed and new developments occasionally flirt with ethical questions.

“AI’s susceptibility to phishing and social engineering exploits, empowered by more polished tactics, adds an additional layer of complexity to the cyber security landscape,” the cyber security expert noted.

In the year ahead, he advised business leaders to be diligent in examining the ways in which AI integration impacts their business. Those who are heavily involved in using new AI models in any field should be the first port of call for business leaders looking to understand the pros and cons of new tech.

Expanding attack surfaces

The more platforms a business uses, the increased number of entry points into a firm’s sensitive information.

“The proliferation of edge devices, including IoT devices, 5G-connected facilities and network-interfacing electric vehicles, is rapidly expanding the cyber security threat landscape. Traditional network defences must evolve to cover these new attack surfaces and points of entry, requiring a comprehensive approach to cyber security,” Mr Liu said.

The human factor

While technological failings can certainly result in security breaches, the reality is that a system is often only as strong as the practices of the people using it.

“Cyber security incidents often stem from human actions, emphasising the importance of foundational security practices,” Mr Liu remarked.

“Regular updates, staff training and vigilant management are paramount in averting cyber threats, making it clear that cyber security is as much a people problem as it is a technological one,” he said.

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