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The ‘huge opportunity’ in harnessing social media audiences

By Staff Reporter
01 March 2024 | 9 minute read
amanda mcenriry homely reb wo2zqj

Homely has revealed a new social media amplification tool aimed at capturing audiences outside of the portal space.

According to Homely head of marketing, Amanda McEniry, “Meta tells us people spend upwards of three to four hours a day on social media but only around one hour on portals”.

She said: “There is a huge opportunity to capture this audience outside the portal environment with property they are interested in.”

Acknowledging that tapping into such audiences is not only expensive, but also incredibly time-consuming for agent offices, Homely has unveiled a new social media audience boosting product, Homely Promoter.

The listings platform has called it “an advanced new social media amplification tool”.

Using machine learning, it looks to provide agents with customisation, access and traffic from buyers and renters with “high intent”.

Homely reports the new offering was developed in collaboration with an international technology partner, with its point of difference being that it was “built to balance customisation with scalable ad serving”.

In a beta test of Homely Promoter across a number of agent offices, listings saw five times more views, on average, with some listings seeing 35 times the activity.

McEniry said time was taken to perfect the marketing tool for both reach and frequency, something she said “has shown to be very effective in driving more listing views”.

Enabling agents to create automated feature listings ads that can be published straight to social media, the new tool’s advanced targeting capabilities also boost traffic and retargeting for Homely Plus members.

It’s able to do this through leveraging of both first- and third-party data.

On top of this, McEniry noted that full customisation and branding are available for customers.

“We can also specify custom rules for listing carousels and targeting to ensure the right audience will see their listings at the right time,” she continued.

Homely co-CEO and co-founder Adam Spencer acknowledged driving value for agent partners as a “core strategic pillar” for the business.

“Our social boosting product is another way we are harnessing technology, data and insights to not just drive traffic to listings, but genuinely help our agents build their businesses,” he stated.

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