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Proptech selected for NSW government’s AI Solutions Panel

By Sebastian Holloman
07 May 2024 | 9 minute read
benjamin coorey archistar reb lsbuts

An urban planning technology company is set to throw its weight behind the state government’s efforts to streamline and enhance the local development application process.

Proptech company Archistar has been selected by the NSW Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure to contribute their solutions and insights around AI-enhanced urban planning to the NSW government’s AI Solutions Panel.

Designed as a centralised hub for robust and mature AI products, the AI Solutions Panel is an initiative to supply AI-based technologies to councils across the state with the aim of simplifying and optimising their development assessment workflows.

With Archistar’s suite of AI tools specifically targeting the pre-lodgement stage of local development applications, the company announced its intentions to “transform the initial phases of council planning processes”.

The company reinforced the importance of this starting phase of the planning process, describing it as “crucial” for setting the tone and efficiency of the entire application process.

Dr Benjamin Coorey, CEO of Archistar, shared his “thrill” at his company’s selection for the panel and described the company as “eager” to collaborate with councils throughout the state.

“Our goal is to make urban development more accessible, predictable and efficient, and this opportunity allows us to extend our innovative solutions to more stakeholders in the urban planning ecosystem,” Coorey stated.

These solutions include:

  • Efficiency gains for council staff: By automating routine tasks and reducing manual workloads, faster and more effective service delivery is achieved, meaning council staff can focus on more strategic activities.

  • Improved information access for applicants: Archistar’s new technology will make the application process smoother and more transparent. This will give developers and applicants better access to essential information.

  • Faster decision-making: AI-driven analytics and insights will enable councils to make quicker and more informed decisions that will expedite the development process and improve outcomes for communities.

Efforts of the AI Solutions Panel to integrate AI-based technologies into NSW councils comes as the property industry acknowledges that there is not enough uptake of technology in the real estate space.

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