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Kolmeo gets cosy with Snug

By Orana Durney-Benson
23 May 2024 | 8 minute read
eloise wall kolmeo reb bv0rvh

Two RentTech platforms have come together in a new integration.

Property management software provider Kolmeo has integrated with rental application platform Snug, in a move designed to “improve leasing processes for property managers, tenants and property owners across Australia”.

Primarily known as a rental application platform, Snug also offers tools for managing open for inspections, tenant communications and screening, automated references, affordability checks and visual checklists for property managers.

Following the integration with Kolmeo, the companies will automate set up, and will reportedly “create an opportunity for agencies to generate revenue through utilities connections without extra work for the property manager”.

Eloise Wall, chief customer officer at Kolmeo, stated: “Together we are enhancing the rental application process, improving data accuracy, reducing costs, and ultimately making things easier for property owners, tenants and property managers.”

“We are excited about the integration with Snug as it enhances the rental experience for everyone involved,” she said.

Her enthusiasm was echoed by Snug’s CEO and founder, Justin Butterworth, who stated that “integrating with Kolmeo enhances the capabilities available to agencies and property managers, improves the tenant experience, and sets a new standard for efficiency in leasing processes”.

This isn’t the first new partnership that Kolmeo has seen this year, with March seeing the brand partner up with digital inspections platform Inspection Express.

Meanwhile, January saw the brand partner up with CustomerGauge to improve access to customer feedback.

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