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Proptech to offer dataset on national migration statistics

By Sebastian Holloman
24 May 2024 | 8 minute read
michael ogilvie data army reb vjud3g

Data Army firm is now offering a new dataset to help determine where Australians are relocating, and why.

Now integrating Australia Post’s Movers Statistics dataset into its Proptech Cloud product, the data consultancy is aiming to up its game when it comes to analysis and visualisation of population trends.

As such, it will now include Australia Post’s Movers Statistics dataset in its offering, which is based off of de-identified Australia Post mail redirect statistics.

Michael Ogilvie, Data Army director, said that the Movers Statistics dataset contains five years of “de-identified and aggregated information” that will enable analysis of growing and declining neighbourhoods based on migration trends.

“We launched the Proptech Cloud to foster a data-driven community and empower businesses and organisations that work with property data to improve analysis, problem solving, enhance collaboration and support users to develop innovative solutions to complex problems,” Ogilvie explained.

Data Army further stated that the offering will be supported by a “step-by-step how-to guide” that will yield insights into the real estate and housing market such as market demand projections.

With the dataset already live, Ogilvie detailed that users could expect the privacy of “robust data governance” within the cloud-based collaborative environment.

“With data changing so rapidly, ensuring those wanting to make use of it have access to the most up-to-date datasets in an easy-to-consume form is vitally important,” Ogilvie said.

“The core benefit is that the complexity that’s traditionally been a part of using large and constantly changing datasets is eliminated. Consistent, accurate and valuable data is readily available,” he added.

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